[mythtv] Feature Suggestions / Bugs

Robert Cantu robert at artistictech.net
Wed Feb 19 17:16:23 EST 2003

Hello All!

I'm having a bit of trouble with a few parts of mythtv and the various
modules. This is in CVS as of 2/17

In mythvideo, the file explorer has all my entries upside-down and
starts at the bottom of the screen so I have to scroll up
alphabetically. Not a show-stopper, but just plain odd! 

Some issues that might be addressed:

In general, I would like to see an "action" sound implemented, in both
the affirmative and the negative. A short ping or beep when a successful
action is performed. This would be helpful for mythmusic when one
presses enter for Select Music, or Play Music or Edit Playlist (while in
Play Music) as these actions (I assume) access the metadata database
table for sometimes several seconds, without any notification. There's a
UI rule of thumb that you shouldn't make the user wait without
notification for more than eight seconds (that's stretching it a bit
with today's systems, it should be less), and for a >10GB collection of
MP3's, that's going to take at least 10 seconds, even on a fast machine.
Also, it's just good to verify that the action was received by myth. 

For mythmusic, it would be nice if the playlist, while in "Play Music",
be able to allow the cursor to pick a song within the playlist rather
than using the |<< or >>| buttons. This would be great for large

I guess that's it for now. I've had fun working with this project, and I
hope to offer help where ever needed. I'm not a programmer, I'm a
sysadmin, but I can help with documentation, testing, and maybe
packaging RPMS. 


Robert Cantu, RHCE

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