[mythtv] slow motion playback on seperate frontend machine

Larry Matter mythtv at matter.net
Tue Feb 18 02:24:20 EST 2003

I got the remoted frontend/backend playback thing working about a month
ago quite nicely and haven't really touched it.  Tonight I upgraded to the
latest CVS, and got everything built like before.  On the backend machine
playback/livetv works great.  But when I playback on the remoted frontend
machine it is good for about 1 second, then it goes into s l o w motion
(and then no sound).  Playing a recording is good for about 4 seconds then
same thing.

I thought maybe it was new the VBI stuff, but that is set to none (in setup).

When it is playing slow, top shows the cpu is hardly being used, whereas
before when it was working the CPU was used 60-70%

Any ideas on where else to look?


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