[mythtv] stuttery audio with current cvs

Michael D. Cencula mythtvuser at cencula.com
Sun Feb 9 22:54:23 EST 2003

I'm using cvs from 2/5/03 and am experiencing stuttery audio while watching 
live tv.  I'm using rtjpeg encoding 480x480 at 170 quality and mp3 encoding 
quality 7.  This stuttery audio occurs only if watching live tv.  If I 
schedule a recording and then immediately start to play the recording, the 
playback is flawless.  This is on a Athlon XP2100 w/ ATA100 drive.  hdparm 
gives approx 50MB/s.  top shows max cpu usage around 30% regardless of 
whether I'm watching live tv or watching while recording.  Average cpu usage 
is around 15%-25%.

The sound reminds me of the show "Max Headroom" from years ago. ;-)

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