[mythtv] stuttery audio with current cvs

Chris Lack ixion at linuxpusher.com
Mon Feb 10 14:18:59 EST 2003

On Sunday 09 February 2003 09:54 pm, Michael D. Cencula wrote:
> I'm using cvs from 2/5/03 and am experiencing stuttery audio while watching
> live tv.  I'm using rtjpeg encoding 480x480 at 170 quality and mp3 encoding
> quality 7.  This stuttery audio occurs only if watching live tv.  If I
> schedule a recording and then immediately start to play the recording, the
> playback is flawless.  This is on a Athlon XP2100 w/ ATA100 drive.  hdparm
> gives approx 50MB/s.  top shows max cpu usage around 30% regardless of
> whether I'm watching live tv or watching while recording.  Average cpu
> usage is around 15%-25%.
> The sound reminds me of the show "Max Headroom" from years ago. ;-)

What kind've sound card?

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