[mythtv] xScanDisplacement and other settings

Michael Cook foobarsoft at foobarsoft.com
Sun Feb 9 20:33:43 EST 2003

I have finally (after about 2 weeks of trying) got MythTV working well (no
thanks to MySQL, ATI, Debian, and many other hassles ;), but when I run the
video full screen, it's scaled weird and green stripes on the left side.
I've searched the mailing list archive and looked on the web and it seems my
card has problems with full screen XV scaling, which explains why it's fine
when not full screen. I found a thread that suggested changing some settings
(like xScanDisplacement, yScanDisplacement, etc) and that has fixed it for
other people, but the lines are not in my settings.txt file. Are these in
the CVS tree only? Or will they work if I insert them into my current file?
I'm trying to get 0.7 working well before moving up to the CVS version, as
suggested in the documentation.
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