[mythtv] Re: Crazy Thoughts + RF Remote Ideas

Michael Stearne mythtv_list at entermix.com
Wed Feb 5 14:43:21 EST 2003

On Wed, 2003-02-05 at 10:32, Charles Choukalos wrote:
> Michal,
> XBOX Modding... Geesh... you've got a lot of time on
> your hand. 
Not at ALL! :-)

>  Seriously though the XBOX rocks for
> Halo/Ghost Recon/MechWarrior... just way too much fun.
>  But then again I'm not a PC gamer.  I'm too busy to
> spend much time on various computer projects. 
> However, if you're looking for cheap mythtv
> platform... why not look at used pc's. 

I have been, it just seems that a lot of people on the list are looking
for a "quality" box.  I have an iBook and a G4 Tower, I have quality,
I'm looking for a cheap box to do just MythTV. :-)

>  You can find
> some super cheap computers at imploaded small
> co's/startups.  I bought my dual 550mhz piii server
> for $50!  I picked up 2 gigs of ECC ram for it for
> another $100, and a pair of 60 gig IDE drives for $50.
>  Pretty dirt cheap if you ask me. 

This sounds great to me.

>  I also got some
> avermedia tv card that blows chunks thrown in from
> some where else.  But seriously I can do 320x240 (and
> on a tv its quite acceptable) of mpeg4, while still
> serving web pages, music, and running compile jobs
> (just rember to nice your processes).  

That's good for me too, although I would like 480 for live tv if

> I've got my
> server up in a closet, and am working on using an RF
> remote to control it (works like a champ).  Basically
> you need an RF modulator (Stereo at Radioshack $30),
> Low pass filter [optional, depends upon your cable tv
> setup] ~$40 through OnQue (or about $10 if you build
> your own passive filter), and a Coax Combiner (about
> $10) and hook it into your tv wiring.  Then tune for
> say channel 94 or something like that.  Pretty slick. 

That does sound cool.  I am in a small apartment so I will probably just
use the remote that comes with WinTV or something.

> However, my problem is that I had to upgrade to RH8.0
> to get MythMusic working.  But now I can't get
> Mythfrontend to talk to mythbackend.  I changed the
> backendsettings.txt file, opened up the ports on my
> fire wall and restarted ipchains.  But its still not
> working?!  Any ideas?  Do I have to list the ports in
> /etc/services ?  What am I missing (my box is named
> mediaserver , but localhost should also point to it)?!

Sorry, I'm not even to this point yet.

Thanks for you input!


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