[mythtv] Re: Crazy Thoughts + RF Remote Ideas

Dwight Hubbard dhubbard at dwightandamy.com
Wed Feb 5 11:06:22 EST 2003

> Also, I used to have an X10 mouse remote... however,
> it meet an unpleasant fate.  So now, I'm looking at my
> other collection of RF remotes (X10 mp3anywhere remote
> -> an no, it doesn't work with the mouseremote.pl
> stuff, and an ATI AIW RF remote).  Anyone manage to
> get one of those remotes to work with Myth?  Pointers
> anyone?

The ATI AIW RF remote works fine with the ati_remote kernel module (
http://gatos.sourceforge.net/ati_remote.php) and an xmodmap command to map
things to the right keycodes.

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