[mythtv] Recommended integrated motherboard with tv-out?

Pierre-Olivier Bouchard petecool at vl.videotron.ca
Sun Feb 2 14:23:51 EST 2003

> I don't know if I can wholeheartedly endorse it yet, but I just ordered 
> a Leadtek Winfast TV2000XP Deluxe for $56.99 and free shipping from 
> www.newegg.com.  It seems comparable to the WinTV-Radio, so you might 
> want to check it out.  It's supported by bttv and lirc, so hopefully it 
> will be straightforward to get it working.

I have one, it works fine - when re-outputted to TV the difference is nearly
unnoticeable at 352x240 and 99% perfect at 480x480.

But I have problems with the remote, the delay lirc can take between key presses
is just too long, it's annoying. I'll try recreating the config file again,
maybe it'll turn out ok then.

>  The 8738 is listed in the ALSA support matrix, but I haven't 
> looked into it enough to feel 100% comfortable ordering one.

The 8738 works great for me, you should be comfortable, it's been supported
for quite a long time (over a year, the driver was already very good when I got
my card), the driver is very stable for me.


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