[mythtv] Recommended integrated motherboard with tv-out?

Chris Lack ixion at linuxpusher.com
Mon Feb 3 01:12:09 EST 2003

On Sunday 02 February 2003 10:13 am, Michael Bourgon wrote:
> After going through silentPCreview.com, I think I've
> finally found  the parts I want for my system.
> CPU: 1.8 P4 (Zalman heatsink, panaflow fan at 2v)
> or 2100 Athlon (Thermalright SLK800, panaflow fav at
> 7v)

Depending on how much you want out of your box, you might want to consider 
going with an older core celeron (1.3/1.4ghz).  The XP and P4 would both be 
more powerful, but the old celeron only consumes about 1/2 the power of 
either processor (~35/70W) and is easier to keep cool.

> RAM: Crucial 256 mb
> HD: Seagate Barracuda IV (40 or 60 gig)

Are you sure 40gb or 60gb would be big enough in the end?  I'm testing with a 
noisy 40gb ibm.  It's enough for just tinkering, but when I get to a point 
where I'm happy with my hardware configuration it'll definately be replaced 
by a 120gb or larger (and hopefully more quiet) drive.

> Case: TBD, though the Antec Sonata has promise
> PS: Nexus-3000 or Seasonic SS-300 PFC
> TV Cards: Hauppage WinTV-Radio or ATI TV Wonder (i.e.
> stereo card - recommendations appreciated)
> However, I'm not sure which motherboard.  My initial
> thought is a nForce: integrated, built-in everything
> (and some have TV-out), including 5.1 sound (though
> not sure if it works on Linux).

They all have tv-out.  Unfortunately it's via an agp riser card that's a 
little difficult to find.  I had a link bookmarked to a retailer that was 
selling them but I lost it at some point.  The 5.1 sound definately is not 
supported in linux unless things have changed in the past month.  The onboard 
sound is really almost the same as what was on the old i810 boards.

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