[mythtv] programinfo.cpp -> ToStringList (help?)

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Wed Dec 3 01:50:09 EST 2003

Chris Petersen wrote:
>>If you want to enable a disabled recording (that's not a scheduling conflict), 
>>I believe you want to create a new entry in the recordoverride table with a 
>>override type of '1'..  To disable a program that would otherwise record, 
>>same thing with an override type of '2'.  Check out the SetOverride function 
>>in programinfo.cpp for how that works..
> anyone want to point me at something that tells me what each override
> type is?  The function takes it as a parameter.  Or is it the same as
> the values listed in NoRecordType?

1 = do record
2 = don't record

These are a different thing than the NoRecordType. However, if
an item has a type 2 in the override table, the scheduler should
end up marking its NoRecordType as ManualOverride (if it's type
1 it should assign it to a cardid).

> And what is the "recordid" in that table?  It seems I can get this
> straight from the myth data object, but I'm curious what it refers to.

It's the row number for the 'record' table therefore it refers
to which record rule matched this showing.

mysql> describe record;

--  bjm

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