[mythtv] programinfo.cpp -> ToStringList (help?)

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Wed Dec 3 01:15:16 EST 2003

> If you want to enable a disabled recording (that's not a scheduling conflict), 
> I believe you want to create a new entry in the recordoverride table with a 
> override type of '1'..  To disable a program that would otherwise record, 
> same thing with an override type of '2'.  Check out the SetOverride function 
> in programinfo.cpp for how that works..

anyone want to point me at something that tells me what each override
type is?  The function takes it as a parameter.  Or is it the same as
the values listed in NoRecordType?

And what is the "recordid" in that table?  It seems I can get this
straight from the myth data object, but I'm curious what it refers to.


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