[mythtv] Re:Transcoding pvr-250 files

Christopher Hash chash at actgate.com
Tue Aug 26 19:29:11 EDT 2003


When I tried using the transcoder in mythtv (hitting 'X') on a PVR-250
recording, the transcoded result (mpeg4) finished, but playback in myth was
playing in slow motion, audio and video.  What outputs can I give you to
help?   Also, what is the _correct_ procedure for restoring the .old backed
up version.  Just renaming it seems to confuse parts of mythtv.  For
example, I tried just renaming, and rerunning, and it played it ok, but the
cutlist editor wouldn't run at all.

Using CVS updated last night.

Chris Hash

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> On Tue, 26 Aug 2003 12:19:36 -0400, "Vinton Coffman
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> said:
> > sampling rate 48000
> > codec uncompressed for the first one and  mp3 for the second one
> >
> > The first file went from 1.7 GB to 953 MB with uncompressed audio.  The
> > second file went from 1.7 GB to 652 MB using mp3.
> >
> > Both files play through with really good audio and video quality.  I
> > edited the cutlist before transcoding.  There  were 2 commercial breaks
> > in each that I marked.  Transcoding honored the cutlist and removed
> > these sections just fine, however, the elapse timer for the show still
> > indicated that the show is 30:00 in length.  The one show ends with the
> > timer displaying 20:50 which sounds reasonable with the commercials
> > removed.
> >
> > Shouldn't the elapse timer reflect the real length of the show after
> > transcoding or is it using the length from the database?
> It sounds like the seek table isn't being stored in your new nuv files.
> Either that, or the latest seek patches are causing issues (very
> unlikely).  When did you last update your myth CVS?  This should not be
> hard to fix, I'll take a look at it when I get a chance.  I'm kind of on
> hold submitting new patches until Isaac either applies or throws away my
> verbose patch, since changes to the transcoder will conflict with that
> previous patch one way or the other.
> However, it might also be exposing a bug in the decoder, since I believe
> it should rebuild the seek-table in the case where none is found.  I hope
> you kept your original nuvs around...it is unlikely this can be fixed
> without re-transcoding.
> >
> > As I mentioned above the files play through without a hitch, however,
> > you can't scan or skip forward or reverse.  The OSD updates to indicate
> > the first skip increment current position +/- increment but not any
> > additional increments.  The actual video update doesn't occur.  The
> > info OSD's still pop up and fade correctly but the video doesn't resume
> > playing.  You can still exit the video and it says "Saving Position"
> > but when you select the video again it starts playing at the beginning.
> Again this really sounds like I screwed up the writing of the seek table.
>  I think I have everything I need to debug and fix this.
> .Geoff
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