[mythtv] automatic CPU detection

Simon Kenyon simon at koala.ie
Wed Aug 20 00:54:30 EDT 2003

On Monday 18 August 2003 00:53, Ron Kellam wrote:
> I have deinterlacing working on a VIA Ezra C3 system.
> I went into the linearblend filter code
> (mythtv/filters/linearblend/filter_linearblend.c) and #undef'd MMX so it
> used the C deinterlace routine instead of the assembly one.  It works fine.
>  I've thought about making it auto-detect CPU, but haven't gotten around to
> it yet.  I also plan to look into an assembly-coded deinterlacer that makes
> use of 3dnow and will work on an Ezra C3.  Again, I haven't yet gotten
> around to it.
well yesterday i made it autodetect
and that is now in CVS
tonight i did a version for 3DNOW - which seems to work
just replace pavgb with pavgusb

will submit a patch tomorrow - just turned the mediabox off for the night

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