[mythtv] DVB todo list (was: DVB & mythchannels)

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Mon Aug 18 10:57:39 EDT 2003

> Playback, incl. AC3 and 16:9, works. 

16:9 definitely does work, can't test AC3

> LiveTV sometimes crashes during channel changes. (still true?) 

Seems not to be true since Kenneths patch, plus the recent changes by Isaac (Wahoo)

However, there is still at least one problem that I notice.  I have been leaving the live tv up and running for many hours to try and test for problems, and when I come back to it and press "escape" the fronend and backend both die with "call to pure virtual function".  I obviously need to supply more debugging info, but just as a heads up

> CAM support is being worked on (by Kenneth) 

Can't help test that.  Only have a DVB-T card.

> Setup (channel config, channel list import) is being worked on (by Ramon) 

It's coming on really nicely.  All the basic stuff seems to be possible, plus importing from a variety of external sources.

> use_ts = 1, i.e. software PID filtering in MythTV (when grabbing the whole TS, not using the card's / driver's 
> PID filtering) is reportedly broken (1 report, please confirm) 

I haven't tried under my full featured card (why would I?), however under my budget DVB-T card, I see only slow motion, 1-2 frames per sec junk with heavy breakup.  I haven't retested since working out some other problems with the DVB-T driver on my board.  Seems that PCI bursting does not work reliably on many boards, including my Asus P4P800 ...

> Still unsolved is:

> Seeking/skipping is reportedly broken (1 report, please confirm)

Yep, while watching a live in progress recording, it is at least frequently possible to search backwards and forwards (I can't say I have tested extensively to be able to say that I can ALWAYS seek in live tv + in progress recording, but it seems that way).  However, once recording has finished the file is not seekable anymore.

> Free DVB and encrypted DVB and analog coexistance, e.g. 

Tricky.  I think we need some guidance as to an approved way to set this up.  Probably would only work if you have complete duplication of channels on analogue and digital, otherwise there is a risk that myth would pick a channel which wasnt available on that card, and still try and tune it.

> Station vs. channel separation 

Can you expand on what you mean by that?

> Scheduled recordings on a certain card or card type (related to recording profile, which is now configurable per scheduled recording?) or > alternatively priorisation (give the better card to a certain recording) 


> Reportedly, some UK stations are dumb enough to send 4:3 material as 16:9, creating thick, black borders on all 4 sides of the picture. 

Yes, the BBC broadcast all their stuff like that.  I can supply a sample if it helps?  Seems that they have some new system which is used to encode the real ratio.  It's odd enough that it has even fooled my set top decoder, so I'm not quite sure why they have gone down this route...

> Kenneth is working on / wanted to work on automatic PID selection using the Program Map Table and your prefs. 


> People:
> Thanks to zaheer, Kenneth, Isaac and Ramon for the contributions, and all the general MythTV contributors, of course.


> Ben

Thanks very much everyone!

Ed W

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