[mythtv] overlap with sequential same-channel recordings?

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Sun Aug 17 13:58:18 EDT 2003

Since no-reencode cutlist stuff finally works properly, I'm going
through and cutting out the commercials on all of my recorded programs
(a lot of them), and noticing some instances where sequential shows
overlap - the beginning of one is tacked onto the end of the previous,
etc..  I know that this is because of station timing issues, but was

Since the shows are on the same channel, I'm wondering if it would be
possible for myth to recognize this, and take [pre-record time] from the
end of the previous show and put it onto the beginning of the following,
and likewise take [post-record time] from the second and put it onto the
end of the first.

Obviously, this would only work for sequential shows that are on the
same channel, but it would be slick if it could be done...


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