[mythtv] Re:ALSA patch

Frank Martelli frank at foodsavvy.com
Mon Aug 18 09:55:54 EDT 2003

Thanks Reza, that did it.  I was able to use the ALSA output,
unfortunately I still only get audio out of the left channel.  (I think
it's both channel's audio, however.  This is with a
SiS7012/intel810-clone)  I'll probably poke around in
libs/libmyth/audio*.* and see if I can figure out what is making my
soundcard unhappy.  What's really got me buggin' is that running xawtv and
'aplay /dev/dsp' *works*.


> update settings set data='ALSA:default' where value='AudioOutputDevice';
> though I'm a bit hung over and not thinking too clearly right now.. that
> should work though..
> -r
>> -Frank
>> >There is no way to select ALSA output via the configuration interface
>> yet, so you'll have to set it manually in the database. Set the
>> >"AudioOutputDevice" configuration parameter to "ALSA:<alsadevice>".
>> So,
>> for most people, set it to "ALSA:default".
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