[mythtv] cutlists and transcoding

Bruce C.Dillahunty bdillahu at peachbush.com
Sun Aug 17 17:06:45 EDT 2003

Chris, and others...

I have been reading all the reencode/cutlist stuff, but I'm afraid I've 
become a bit lost with the latest "transcode from a stream" work that 
was done... would you be willing to summarize exactly what you are 
doing to remove your commercials?

Secondly, I have tried the nuvexport a couple of times, and wind up 
with a CD which, while viewable, has serious audio problems... audio 
will be perfect to several seconds off, changing during the CD, 
stuttering, etc. Any ideas what I should be looking for?


On Sunday, Aug 17, 2003, at 15:58 US/Eastern, Chris Petersen wrote:

> Since no-reencode cutlist stuff finally works properly, I'm going
> through and cutting out the commercials on all of my recorded programs
> (a lot of them), and noticing some instances where sequential shows
> overlap - the beginning of one is tacked onto the end of the previous,
> etc..  I know that this is because of station timing issues, but was
> wondering...
> Since the shows are on the same channel, I'm wondering if it would be
> possible for myth to recognize this, and take [pre-record time] from 
> the
> end of the previous show and put it onto the beginning of the 
> following,
> and likewise take [post-record time] from the second and put it onto 
> the
> end of the first.
> Obviously, this would only work for sequential shows that are on the
> same channel, but it would be slick if it could be done...
> -Chris
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