[mythtv] programming skills (was: new mplayer nuv patch?)

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Thu Aug 14 10:59:15 EDT 2003

> >  On that note, he's also probably forgotten my original disclaimer when I
> >  started working on mythweb
> Or perhaps he has other things to think about rather than keep track of
> whatever disclaimers people post to random mailing lists.

That *was* sarcasm.  I wouldn't expect anyone to remember (or care).

> > - I'm not a C programmer, but I want to help, so I'm going to do what I do
> > best.
> No one is born a C programmer; everyone has to learn it at some point.  If
> you already know another programming language, it won't be hard to pick up.
> Many modern languages (like PHP) borrow much of their syntax from C.

Yes.  Finding time, however, is a completely different thing.  Like most
(employed) programmers, I work full time, and have contract work on the
side (plus, I do have a wife to hang out with, and some semblance of a
social life).  I wanted to contribute to myth, so instead of taking a
couple of months to relearn C and familiarize myself with compiling
things in *nix, and become a mediocre C programmer, I put my existing
(good) skills to work where they were needed.  I *do* plan to learn C
again (I did used to use it occasionally a long time ago, and can still
read C code just fine), but I have more important things to do at the


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