[mythtv] DVB updates

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Wed Aug 13 14:50:26 EDT 2003

> I'm assuming the DVB source isn't scaling properly for pip. I have also 
> attached a database dump for anyone who's interested. Does anyone know 
> what these unknown commands are all about ?

Sounds plausible.  At the moment the mpeg decoding is only used by the hardware encoding and the DVB people, and I guess that no-one yet has multiple hardware decoders (even if they were supported by the drivers...?)

> Watching on a remote frontend over 802.11b I get audio jumps - although 
> the video quality is much better than the analogue source. I assume this 
> is because the whole MPEG2 stream is being sent over the network and I 
> don't have the bandwidth on the wireless link to support it, I'm about to 
> upgrade to 802.11g so I will test this then.

I think in the UK we are getting data rates of between 2-4Mb/s, and you will probably find that your 802.11b runs at perhaps 3-3.5Mb/s max.  Also, I only have an 802.11a net, but I notice that bandwidth varies quite a lot over the space of a few seconds - if 802.11b did the same then this would likely affect something which was pegging the network at max...

Thanks for the notes on this!

Ed W

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