[mythtv] new mplayer nuv patch?

Aran Cox spin at avalon.net
Mon Aug 18 16:37:34 EDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-08-13 at 11:31, an unknown sender wrote:
> I think that many of my svcd conversion problems are coming from mplayer
> issues with the nuv format changes.  Does anyone have plans to update
> the patch, or should I just give up on this whole thing?
> -Chris

I've been wrestling with converting RTJPEG/nuv files created by MythTV
.10 into DivX files for a while.  I basically concluded the problem was
with RTJPEG, not the nuv format.  When I play RTJPEG/nuv files with
mplayer, I get green boxy artifacts periodically throughout the
playback.  (MythTV doesn't show this corruption, neither does
avidemux2.)  The MPEG4/nuv files I recorded didn't seem to show this
when played back with mplayer (IIRC.)

(When using mencoder to convert my RTJPEG/nuv files the green corruption
was preserved.  I didn't really care if mplayer could play the MythTV
files, I just wanted mencoder to convert them.)

Now it seems that the nuv file format is to blame (the MythTV extensions
to the format anyway) and not RTJPEG.  Or is it that the nuv format
changed post .10 and now mencoder won't touch the nuv files created by
MythTV at all regardless of codec?

In any case, it seems that the mythtranscode patch discussed in another
thread (which writes the raw audio/video streams in a synced fashion to
fifo's) will probably be the answer to my problem no matter what.  (And
it clips commercials!)

Still, an updated mplayer/mencoder patch which understands the nuv
format, and fixes the problems I am having (if they aren't the same
thing) would be awesome for me. 

Believe me, I'm not whining even if it sounds that way.  MythTV rocks my
world every time I don't have to watch commercials or remember when my
cartoons are on.  I'm just trying to clarify some issues in my head and
state some further support for someone to hack mplayer/mencoder (and
even better, get it included in mplayer proper.)  (I know, it's easy to
be supportive of someone else doing some work!)


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