[mythtv] Re: DVB updates

matt.jarvis at philips.com matt.jarvis at philips.com
Wed Aug 13 15:51:11 EDT 2003

I've just had a look through my db dump, and I have channels in there with 
pids set at 0, which is at least the cause of that crash - must be a 
messed up channels.conf or mythchannels not importing correctly ( i'll 
check later ). One other thing I noticed was that for some reason I 
occasionally get db corruption in the dvb card setup - v.weird but I had 
set the tunechan and startchan and noticed they had changed and had to 
change them back ( could be something to do with phpmyadmin though, which 
I use to look at the db - again not sure until I test further )

>From the backend output it looks like I'm getting 6MB/s on the MPEG2 
stream which would easily be enough to overwhelm an 802.11b connection.

I had a think last night about how you could implement switching between 
cards for live tv ( or at least having the option before you go into the 
livetv page ). Surely this is relatively easy in that you just flag the 
first connection as being used for recording ( even if it isn't ) and so 
on in order to cycle through the available cards. Am I missing something 
here, or could this be implemented as a menu choice when entering livetv ? 
Again probably only applies to us European users who have different cards 
with different channels so there may not be any interest in this feature 
from the US side. What are the problems associated with actually switching 
cards during livetv playback ? I may have a poke around in the code to 
look at where myth decides which card to use, although I've never done any 
of this kind of programming ... can anyone give me some clues on how myth 
decides which card to use for recording or livetv ?

I can currently force livetv to switch to another card by starting a 
recording before watching livetv, or by starting livetv on another 
frontend but it would be nice to have a smoother way to do this. Picture 
in picture would also be good if anyone fancies fixing it :) 


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