[mythtv] small cutpoints glitch

Chris Petersen lists at forevermore.net
Mon Aug 11 19:30:43 EDT 2003

when playing in the editor (rebuilding a cutlist after I played with the
latest transcoder), I discovered a small glitch - make that two.

The first one is pretty straightforward.  I'm thinking that there's a
glitch in the transcoder that makes it freak out a cutpoint that doesn't
end (eg. I chop the beginning of the next show off of the end of my
recorded one), so I try to add an ending point (btw, making home/end
keys map to the start/end of the recording would be REALLY nice). 
However, that last chunk is about 2 seconds long and I get the "you're
close to a cutpoint, what would you like to do" option - but there's no
choice to ADD a cutpoint, only edit the one I'm close to!

not sure how to explain the next bug.  basically, M won't bring up the
editor on one of the shows I transcoded/restored (the other
transcoded/restored show worked fine, and it seems to work in other
shows, too).


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