[mythtv] DVB Status

Steve Brown sbrown at cortland.com
Mon Aug 11 19:23:06 EDT 2003

Steve Brown wrote:

> Edward Wildgoose wrote:
>> Try using dvbstream with the exact same params that you have in the 
>> dvbchannels table.  Much of the code for myth is directly lifted from 
>> dvbstream so this may be a good test.
>> This sounds really like your card is not tuning to the channel 
>> correctly.  When this happens no output is read from the device, and 
>> myth locks up in the way you described (there appears to be a problem 
>> that the frontend can't easily spot when it has stopped receiving 
>> data completely and hence can't avoid locking up)
> That turned out to be a good idea.
> Dvbstream reads maybe 10k or so records and then returns an error 
> "resource unavailable" (-1). There was no error checking on the read. 
> I used the -o option to send the output to /dev/null. The rtp output 
> behaved the same way.
> Xine continues to run flawlessly on the same stream and same driver.
> I'm now comparing block sizes, open codes, .... Maybe time to poke 
> around the linux-dvb list.
> Steve
Although it's not clear that cvs is different from the 1.0.0 release, a 
brand new cvs version of the linuxtv dvb driver solved the problem. Why 
xine would work and dvbstream and mythtv wouldn't is still a mystery.

Mythtv now displays my dvb-s stream!

I will make a clean mythtv build and then document the dvb-s database 

Thanks for getting me on the right track.


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