[mythtv] DVB Status

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Sun Aug 10 14:08:17 EDT 2003

> Did you test mplayer/tzap though?

Darn, yes, you are absolutely spot on.  The card is generating cr*p.  It
kills mplayer within seconds usually.

I should have tried this before but I couldn't get dvbstream from
sourceforge on friday (kept refusing connections), and yesterday I spent
most of my time just trying to get modules to load.  I guess I was also
distracted by the fact that it had seemed to work OK with the old version of
the app (must have been coincidence)

Anyway, sorry for the duff report.  Thanks for your work on this.  I'm
loosing enthusiasm at getting ANY card to work with DVB-T here in the UK,
but I will have another play with these drivers later this week

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