[mythtv] DVB Status

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sun Aug 10 01:30:43 EDT 2003

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

> Yeah, thanks.  It literally got into a funny state, and the driver kept
> recording something about "EEPROM not detected".  It didn't even get an
> until I shifted to a different slot (and wierdly it now works back in the
> original slot...).  How would I change the PCI latency though?

Sure you got the card plugged into the slot firmly? Could produce strange
effects ;)
Check out setpci (don't remember the exact cmd line).

> Anyway, apart from that it now seems to be loading the drivers correctly.
> You may have seen from the linuxtv driver list that I have also had a lot
> problems with a full featured dvb-t card (and so have a lot of other
> people).  Thanks to some good work by Juergen Peitz, this may now be cured
> for many people, however, I wouldn't recommend this card to anyone. (apart
> from it being far more expensive than a Nova-t...)

Yes, so I have seen.

> It is actually a new motherboard (P4P800) and there is only an RME sound
> card in it (easily ripped out).  This motherboard does have a few
> disadvantages such as shared interrupts, but so far it seems quite fast
> stable.  No fans onboard is the main advantage

Shared interrupts is fine for most hardware/driver combinations, but I
wouldn't bet on those (dvb) cards working with a shared interrupt..

> I can definitely recommend the RME 96/8 sound card though.  Fabulous sound
> quality and it works ok with alsa 0.92.  Later versions of alsa don't seem
> to work entirely though...
> Thanks Kenneth. I really appreciate all the work you have done on the dvb
> stuff.

Well, I just try to help.

Did you test mplayer/tzap though?


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