[mythtv] DVB Status

Edward Wildgoose edward.wildgoose at frmhedge.com
Sat Aug 9 21:41:01 EDT 2003

> Well, I have been actually using the DVB code tonight, and it seems stable
> to me. Recording functions (as implemented by Ben Bucksch) work great, and
> I've successfully recorded (and viewed) 4 episodes of the famous 24
> Great work everyone!!

Hi Kenneth,

I'm curious.  Did you do any patches to resolve the breakups, etc that I
mentioned yesterday?  I grabbed the latest cvs last night (I think) and
rebuilt myth, but these breakups are still there and pretty much all
channels are near unviewable, either because the audio is way out of sync or
because the picture is breaking up badly with a ton of warnings to the
console?  Perhaps there is something else going on with my system if you
aren't seeing this now?

> There are some 'issues' that needs to be resolved:
>     - Changing to a channel with other resolution sometimes SEGV's
>         (might be related to what Isaac mentioned in a post named
>         'native lirc support and qt')

Hmm, I get a pretty common segfault channel changing, but so far I have been
just trying to get the video stable and so I haven't run a backtrace.
However, I do notice that most of my segfaults are killing the backend as

>     - Setup is still 'somewhat off' as the only effort
>         (Ramon Roca's MythChannels) is still 'outside'.

I have been looking over Ramon's latest patch and I think that it is now
"functional enough" to be looking for cvs inclusion.  Does anyone have any
comments (Isaac?) about what still needs to be done to get it into CVS?

I mentioned to Ramon that I think the biggest improvements would be: a) a
list of already configured cards in the config page (otherwise it is
slightly confusing), b) help text when setting up a channel as to what each
item actually means.

I have spent most of today farting around trying to make my new Nova-T work
properly (in the end it needed a boot into windows, and the windows driver
loading before it would init properly... grr), but perhaps if I have some
time tomorrow I could look at adding this to his patch.  Does anyone else
have any suggestions for improvement though?

Ed W

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