[mythtv] DVB Status

Kenneth Aafloy ke-aa at frisurf.no
Sun Aug 10 00:08:33 EDT 2003

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

> Hi Kenneth,
> I'm curious.  Did you do any patches to resolve the breakups, etc that I
> mentioned yesterday?  I grabbed the latest cvs last night (I think) and
> rebuilt myth, but these breakups are still there and pretty much all
> channels are near unviewable, either because the audio is way out of sync
> because the picture is breaking up badly with a ton of warnings to the
> console?  Perhaps there is something else going on with my system if you
> aren't seeing this now?

I see no errors, exept for a issue with CNN/Discovery on 1west,
the audio bitrate is misdetected by libavcodec,
and audio is played to fast (dual speed).
(No errors reported though)

If you tune the card with s/t/czap and play using mplayer, does it work

> >
> > There are some 'issues' that needs to be resolved:
> >     - Changing to a channel with other resolution sometimes SEGV's
> >         (might be related to what Isaac mentioned in a post named
> >         'native lirc support and qt')
> Hmm, I get a pretty common segfault channel changing, but so far I have
> just trying to get the video stable and so I haven't run a backtrace.
> However, I do notice that most of my segfaults are killing the backend as
> well...

This happens here too, I think the trouble is in the osd.cpp (which needs a
rewrite to support caching of not-prescaled-images).

> >     - Setup is still 'somewhat off' as the only effort
> >         (Ramon Roca's MythChannels) is still 'outside'.
> I have been looking over Ramon's latest patch and I think that it is now
> "functional enough" to be looking for cvs inclusion.  Does anyone have any
> comments (Isaac?) about what still needs to be done to get it into CVS?
> I mentioned to Ramon that I think the biggest improvements would be: a) a
> list of already configured cards in the config page (otherwise it is
> slightly confusing), b) help text when setting up a channel as to what
> item actually means.
> I have spent most of today farting around trying to make my new Nova-T
> properly (in the end it needed a boot into windows, and the windows driver
> loading before it would init properly... grr), but perhaps if I have some
> time tomorrow I could look at adding this to his patch.  Does anyone else
> have any suggestions for improvement though?

I had some problems when I got my Nexus-S, and ended up replacing the
motherboard to http://home.no/mythbox (all problems gone).

Acpi == off?
PCI Latency setting needs to be high (128->).
Upgraded bios?
Tried ripping out anything but the DVB card?


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