[mythtv] Xinerama Fun! :)

Tom Panning tpanning at vt.edu
Wed Aug 6 09:54:34 EDT 2003

> Everything works if I turn off the ati video card.
> But, when I try to run mythfrontend as a windowed app on monitor 0 I get
> the blue background and no icons. the key commands do work so I am
> assuming everything is scaled off to the side.
> Setup does the same thing, starts, goes full screen with the blue
> background and that is it.

Doh, I just did this with my new nvidia dual-head card, and I'm trying to 
remember how I did it. I think the steps were:
1) Switch to one monitor.
2) Run mythfrontend before running setup (you do not need to run mythbackend 
at this stage).
3) Go into the settings and tell it which xinerama screen to use, and manually 
set the resolution at the resolution for that screen.
4) Make sure those settings go through, and then quit mythfrontend (note that 
when the setting takes affect you may no longer be able to see mythfrontend, 
so you may have to ctrl-C it)
5) Switch to both monitors
6) Run setup as usual, and everything should work.

Note: I was able to cheat because of the weird way that nvidia handles xineram 
support on its dualhead cards. I had it setup so that I could press 
ctrl-alt-+ to switch between single and dual-head configurations, so I 
pressed ctrl-alt-+ as the settings were taking affect in step 4.

Let me know if this works, I may have missed a step :-/

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