[mythtv] Xinerama Fun! :)

Rick Warner rick at sapphire.no-ip.com
Tue Aug 5 21:22:22 EDT 2003

On Tuesday 05 August 2003 06:28 pm, Brian Bell wrote:
> K, a while ago I saw a thread about someone having issues getting mythtv
> to run as a desktop app on a dual head system. Didn't see anything
> resolution of this issue.
> I am running
> Mythtv cvs, (to get it to work with xmltv-na) .10 does the same thing.
> Xfree 4.3.0
> Nvidia tnt2 with nvidia's 1.0.4363-r2 drivers as monitor 0
> Ati generic drivers as monitor 1
> Everything works if I turn off the ati video card.
> But, when I try to run mythfrontend as a windowed app on monitor 0 I get
> the blue background and no icons. the key commands do work so I am
> assuming everything is scaled off to the side.
> Setup does the same thing, starts, goes full screen with the blue
> background and that is it.
> I've been peeking at the code, but haven't identified the icon positioning
> section yet.
> Any Thoughts?
> Cheers!
I had a dual headed setup working similar to yours... the software config 
worked fine.. .but I had some serious crash/hang problems due to a weak pci 
bus (tyan 2466). 
This is how I had it running when it was dual head xinerama-
I did not run it as a windowed app on the second head first off.  Second, I 
had the gui width/height hard set to my resolution.  I had irxevent running 
in a shell on the second head.  My lirc events would only work if the mouse 
cursor was on the second head(only real software prob i had). 
My setup was a linux from scratch system running X 4.2.0 w/ binary nvidia 
driver running on tv and el cheapo 16M ati pci card for monitor display (i 
also tried a geforce2 pci and a radeon pci- my tv out was agp)

I have since made an old box (OLD- celeron 300) my frontend and just have my 
2466 as a backend recording the video. it seems more stable this way- it's 
had a few crashes, but less than once a week.

Point of reference for others- celeron 300 w/ 64MB of ram can handle 
mythfrontend with video running at 480x240.  other hardware is geforce3 agp 
for tv out, sb live 5.1 for digital audio out, and an intel 100Mbit nic.

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