[mythtv] MythSecurity spinoff of MythTV?

John Hurliman jhurliman at focustheater.com
Tue Aug 5 02:07:19 EDT 2003

I think Myth would need another compression algorithm better suited to 
security recordings first. Something that compresses to small filesizes 
and has fairly low cpu overhead, where the tradeoff is quality. I've 
been thinking up several different possibilities with myth and this one 
came up, but I want to get my box playing tv correctly first before I 
start expanding it to other purposes :-).


Ray wrote:

>I'm just curious if anyone is working on (or at least thinking about a
>spinoff of MythTV for security camera monitoring?  I've been looking at some
>PC based security monitoring software for a customer and so far most of it
>stinks.  The Windows based stuff isn't much more flexable than the
>commercial dedicated boxes and the Linux based software just isn't very
>mature from a UI standpoint.  Also most of the software I've looked at is
>based on taking a whole bunch of snapshots rather than Myths approach which
>seems a lot more natural.  
>Has anyone been working on such a thing or at least thinking about it?
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