[mythtv] MythSecurity spinoff of MythTV?

Ray maillists at sonictech.net
Tue Aug 5 10:17:22 EDT 2003

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 01:07:19AM -0700, John Hurliman wrote:
> I think Myth would need another compression algorithm better suited to 
> security recordings first. Something that compresses to small filesizes 
> and has fairly low cpu overhead, where the tradeoff is quality. I've 
> been thinking up several different possibilities with myth and this one 
> came up, but I want to get my box playing tv correctly first before I 
> start expanding it to other purposes :-).

The main methods other security DVRs use to reduce file sizes are :

1.  Motion detection so you only store video while something is happening.  It
seems that code for that might fit in where the commercial skipping (during
record) is now.

2.  Recording at much lower frame rates, maybe 1-15fps depending on the
customers' needs.

3. Most cameras are B&W and since the camera is normally stationary there
shouldn't be nearly as much motion as in TV/movies.

I've heard estimates of roughly 1GB per day per camera as being doable.  The
better vcrs manage about a week per tape so for a PC based dvr to compete
(if external archiving to dvd is important) that would need to come down a
bit more.  Myth allready supports mpeg4 and rtjpeg which seem like the best
choices anyway but it might be worth re-encoding during slow periods with
some of the more agressive but slower mpeg options as well as the actual
cutting of the sections without much motion.  Thankfully hard drives
and cpus are cheap.


> jph
> Ray wrote:
> >I'm just curious if anyone is working on (or at least thinking about a
> >spinoff of MythTV for security camera monitoring?  I've been looking at 
> >some
> >PC based security monitoring software for a customer and so far most of it
> >stinks.  The Windows based stuff isn't much more flexable than the
> >commercial dedicated boxes and the Linux based software just isn't very
> >mature from a UI standpoint.  Also most of the software I've looked at is
> >based on taking a whole bunch of snapshots rather than Myths approach which
> >seems a lot more natural.  
> >
> >Has anyone been working on such a thing or at least thinking about it?
> >
> > 
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