[mythtv] File Size Limitations

James Y. Knight foom at fuhm.net
Sat Aug 2 15:24:51 EDT 2003

Get a grip. I can't imagine why you would write something like this in 
response to a discussion about an actual (albeit easily avoided if you 
know about it) problem. Next time you get up on the wrong side of the 
bed please stay away from your email 'send' button.


On Saturday, August 2, 2003, at 01:56  PM, DanM wrote:
> Eric, your email probably hasn't recieved the reception you would have 
> hoped for, so I have taken the liberty of translating your email so 
> that Isaac and the others can more effectively understand what you 
> want:
> Using my leet skillz to debug why mythbackend was dying, I discovered 
> that my filesystem doesn't support file sizes larger than 2gb.  Now, I 
> know you have spent like a bazillion hours working on this program, 
> but if you spent another billion, it would be so much more to my 
> liking.  Here is how I would like you to fix it for me:
> 1)  Because I'm using a lame filesystem, please develop the esp module 
> for mythbackend so it can properly detect the lame filesystem, and 
> split the files when they get bigger then 1mb.
> 2) Please have the esp module for mythbackend warn cluebies (such as 
> myself) that using FAT32 for large files is utterly insane; but please 
> be gentle with the message. . . I don't want it to damage my fragile 
> ego.  After all, I am a Certified Microsoft whore.
> 3) You know that esp module I asked you to write, well I need you to 
> do some more work on it some more. . . I want it to open up a black 
> hole and envelop my entire computer when it detects its reached the 
> limit of the filesystem I have so intelligently choosen to use.
> In closing, because you are all geeks and don't mind spending the rest 
> of your lives in a dungeon, I would like you to solve all my problems. 
>  Its getting kind of late, my mommie makes me go to bed a nine 
> o'clock; so my email confuses even myself.

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