[mythtv] File Size Limitations

Eric eric at cisu.net
Sat Aug 2 13:36:19 EDT 2003

On Friday 01 August 2003 11:24 pm, Eric wrote:
> I spent a while figuring out why my mythbackend suddenly gave out on me
> after 10 minutes and it was hitting file size limitations. I am using
> kernel 2.4.21 and FAT32 to store file. I know its a bad choice for this but
> its a general purpose storage disk that WinXP must get along with. Anyways,
> I have some suggestions on this subject:
> 	1) Handle filesize limitations gracefully. Mythbackend quit very suddenly
> hanging frontend when 2GB hit- automotically split files when it reaches
> the FS limit instead of aborting.
> 	2) Gently remind people of some common limitations of filesystems so they
> (like me) don't make silly mistakes. A table in the FAQ/Docs would be nice.
> I am aware of FS limitations but am kinda sketchy on what FS/Kernels
> support what. It's easy enough to figure out, but a table would speed
> things up and (again) prevent me and others from doing stupid things.
> 	3) Maybe some sort of autodetection. File splitting and max file sizes
> could be autodetected and hard set so mythbackend doesnt quit suddenly.
> Also User configuration of file size handling. I know there is a live
> buffer setting....but more options for file size handling. There could be
> an option for MAX buffer size and SPLIT file size. For example it could use
> 10GB but split at 2GB giving you 5 buffer files.
> I hope this helps development..as the FS limit is kinda frustrating me.
> It's kinda late so if this post confuses anyone or they want me to explain
> just cc me.
> ----------------------
> Eric Bambach
> Eric (at) CISU (dot) net
> ----------------------

Thanks for all the personal replies.I don't need more suggestions on how to 
fix my personal problem though. Maybe my suggestions can goto use to making 
MythTV a little more graceful and robust in handling errors and configure 
options. Thanks for a WONDERFUL product and I hope my input helps.

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