[mythtv] Native ScreenSaver Support

Eric eric at cisu.net
Sat Aug 2 00:38:28 EDT 2003

I have a suggestion for the TODO list. I don't imagine this taking more than 
30 lines of code to implement either. Howabout a simple config option to 
disable the screensaver while watching tv. You could accept a command line 
option. I use X-Screensaver and this would be VERY helpful. Here in an snip 
from the x-screensaver docs:

Here's how you can prevent xscreensaver from kicking in while a movie is 
playing: once a minute have a timer go off. In that timer, do something like 
    if (playing && !paused) { 
      system ("xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- &"); 
Though it would be better to code this using fork() and execvp() instead of 

Simple enough? Hmm I hope this could make MythTV more robust. It would help me 
out ;)
Eric Bambach   
Eric (at) CISU (dot) net 

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