[mythtv] DVB integration - first attempt!

Edward Wildgoose Edward.Wildgoose at FRMHedge.com
Thu Apr 24 10:38:35 EDT 2003

> In case you want to play with something, I uploaded the current code 
> <http://www.bucksch.com/xfer/dvb-2.tar.bz2>. It's more or less complete 
> and compiles, but that's all. It is entirely untested and probably won't 
> work. So, it's far from done.

OK, I've got it and I'm trying to play with it!

I have had a browse through the code, and I have to admit that most of it is going over my head.  Can you please drop me brief sketch as to what it happening here, ie which bits came from dvbstream, where the entry point to the tuner is, what each module "does", etc.

I also have a "full" card - is this likely to present problems with getting your code to work?

Finally, what are you expecting to see in the updated channels table (SQL).  For example to tune to BBC One in crystal palace area is freq 505833, vpid 200, apid 201 qam=16 (or something similar) - what should I enter in the table?

Most of it seems to compile OK, but I need to change a few settings to finish the compile.  I will try and step through it, but I will probably need some tips on how to set it up to actually test and step through what is going on.  Alternatively some thoughts on setting up a test harness just for the tuner and recorder part would be a good plan (spool to file say)

Thanks for all your work so far.

> Again, I probably won't have time to do much with that in the next time. 
> (Now that I spent yet another day on it.) If you want to test it and try 
> out where it fails and preferably why, that would be much appreciated.

That's a shame.  OK, if you can help me understand what you have done, then I will try to continue, or at least mark time with this stuff until you get time to work on it.  

Would having shell access help...?



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