[mythtv] DVB integration - first attempt!

Ben Bucksch linux.news at bucksch.org
Thu Apr 24 14:56:07 EDT 2003

Edward Wildgoose wrote:

>OK, I've got it and I'm trying to play with it!
I fixed a bug and uploaded version 3.

>I have had a browse through the code, and I have to admit that most of it is going over my head.  Can you please drop me brief sketch as to what it happening here, ie which bits came from dvbstream, where the entry point to the tuner is, what each module "does", etc.
The dvbstream stuff is in libdvbdev and a bit in dvbrecorder.cpp. dvb* 
files do the DVB stuff internally, stream* files try to call external 
programs to do the work. The rest are a few structural and cosmetic 
changes to make it all work.

>I also have a "full" card - is this likely to present problems with getting your code to work?
With the current code, it might. It assumes that I get a full transport 
stream from the card, which the full cards are not capable of, at least 
that's what I read.

I'll have to build in some support for that.

>Finally, what are you expecting to see in the updated channels table (SQL).  For example to tune to BBC One in crystal palace area is freq 505833, vpid 200, apid 201 qam=16 (or something similar) - what should I enter in the table?
The same format as dvbstream expects. Unfortunately, I don't know 
exactly what it is.

Set e.g. "freq=xxx|pol=V|symbol_rate=22000" in the tuning column and 
"pid_vid=768|pid_aud=769" in the subtuning column of channel. (These are 
new, see cvs.sql.)

>Most of it seems to compile OK, but I need to change a few settings to finish the compile.
What did you have to do?

>I will try and step through it, but I will probably need some tips on how to set it up to actually test and step through what is going on.  
heh, I have to do that myself :). I'll write the steps down.

>Would having shell access help...?
Yes, definitely. I could try out the code and fix some of the problems. 
I probably can't see much of the resulting video stream, but it could 
help sort out the problems that occur before it.

If you're at home at the moment, I'm on IRCNet <http://www.ircnet.org>, 
channel #mythtv.

Ben Bucksch

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