[mythtv] Separate Record and Play boxes? (system design)

Grant Taylor mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:35:05 -0400

>>>>> mythtv-dev@snowman.net writes:

> If I wanted to build a 2-system MythTV system, with the assumption
> that the play-box would be a small, relatively slow (compared to the
> other system), QUIET system, is it a foregone conclusion that I'd
> lose the "Watch Live TV" option?

Not at all.  It's just that the current code won't do it.

There's no reason the mythtv player couldn't be configured to control
the tuner/encoder and play from the ringbuffer file all over the

Mind you, there is no mythtv player.  It should be(tm) a pretty
trivial wrapper around some of the existing classes, but nobody's done
it yet.  There is a standalone mythtv "live tv" watcher, but it needs
splitting in two.

> Are those of you with working MythTV boxes concerned about how much
> noise your MythTV system makes in whatever room your TV is in?

No.  I intentionally bought lots of fans and nonquiet parts for budget
and expansion reasons, and use an rf modulator to let the server be in
the basement and the TV upstairs.

Apparently you do much the same.  Your notch filter tip is
interesting; I'd just concluded that the rf modulator was either "on"
or "off with passthru" instead of being an "inserting" modulator.

> Maybe I'm over-estimating the need to separate the recorder and
> player systems.

It's by no means essential from a technical standpoint, although it
gets difficult to support multiple televisions on a single PC.  I'll
probably branch out into a more distributed affair when I add another
TV or two.

> Anyway, It seems like you'd be able to keep a player system quiet by 
> running it diskless with a Cyrix CPU of some kind (no fan at all!).  

Yes, those little shuttle toaster-size PCs are fairly quiet and should
make nice players.

> If all the storage is remote, though, you might have to have a
> separate "video LAN" to make sure the recorder and player could
> never have their network communication interrupted by other traffic.

I dunno if NFS will be workable for this.  It may add enough jitter
that some sort of additional buffering logic will be needed in the

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