[mythtv] Separate Record and Play boxes? (system design)

Robert Rozman mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Wed, 18 Sep 2002 11:08:35 +0200


I'm total newbie on mythtv. I'd like to add my 2 cents to this discussion
since I'm thinking about similar solutions. My custom home automation system
is based on two levels. On lower level I have prototype of classic home
automation system (sensors, lights, switches, ...). On upper level I have PC
for multimedia interaction with users (text to speech, IR remotes, web
pages...). All my ideas converge into home PC central server in basement and
light, possibly thin clients (if video is needed) in rooms. Otherwise just
3-4 separate audio channels into main rooms from central PC is enough.

Now to the software problem:
As far as I know there is no complete system to meet all needs in such
configuration (beside $$$$$$ systems like Crestron or similar). So one has
to combine open source solutions. I have currently running Misterhouse for
lower level automation (and also for some basic multimedia support, BTW
great program) and Freevo as glue GUI frontend on TV-out. Misterhouse also
is web server with all kinds of web pages served through house. I'm closely
looking at Mythtv as TV frontend in this system. But then there comes the
problem: all systems are alive and updating frequently - so integrating them
is quite something.

The idea of separate recording is IMHO good. Why would one want to wait at
the tv for live show, when computer can record it and show it later, when we
have time to look ? In digital TV we could have central PC just
demultiplexing channel streams to client computers.

So keeping system really open, skinnable can help a lot in combining
programs to make whole system.

So I'm really happy when mythtv for instance adds web page interface. But
Misterhouse makes them for all other stuff in house. So one must combine.
Maybe in some way it would be better to choose and integrate with existing
projects that are there, maybe even better for specific tasks. But on the
other side, there would be none such projects without individuals who have
ideas and are willing to put a lot of effort into them. So just keep going
with all your good work and we all will try to follow.

Do you also have feeling, that I haven't said anything new? :-)


Robert Rozman