[mythtv] buglet in cvs?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sat, 14 Sep 2002 00:08:59 -0400

On Friday 13 September 2002 11:39 pm, Grant Taylor wrote:
> >> hang in confusion when you select the missing-file entry.
> >
> > Does what I just committed fix that?
> Undoubtedly!  Reminds me why I prefer printf-alikes: the compiler will
> parse the string and check argument counts, types, etc...

Well, the qt stuff should've warned you run-time about the extra arg.  It's 
also length safe and handles all that utf-8 junk automatically -- previously 
I was being lazy and using an unchecked sprintf to generate the query =)

> Unfortunately I erased all my recordings by hand just now as part of
> switching back from 32000 to 44100 khz audio, so now I have nothing to
> delete and check :(

Yeah -- fixing that audio stuff's on my TODO list for before the next release.  
Going to have to break the existing file format, which is why I haven't done 
it yet.

> Oh, below are my local changes, one or two of which you might want to
> adopt or not.  They implement:
>  - Larger fonts in several places I wanted them.  It's not a setting,
>    just a different hard-coded font here and there.  The time format
>    in the listbox is also changed to go with this.  And in one place
>    the font scaling calculation broke for skinny non-square sizes.
>  - The delete and playbox show the oldest or newest recordings first
>    as appropriate.  Before it was apparently sorting on either channel
>    or date as a string, neither of which worked quite right.  I guess
>    you could mouse around the dialog and change the sorting, but best
>    for it to just do what I want ;)

I'm just applied everything but the font size changes.  Ordering the 
recordings like that makes sense, and I do like that date format better.