[mythtv] Re: Next release?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 16:37:44 -0400

On Sunday 06 October 2002 06:24 am, Andrew M. Bishop wrote:
> Does this mean only the case where you are watching a program that is
> also being recorded?  I certainly would like this one fixed, but I
> would also like to see playback of a pre-recorded program stop at the
> end.  Using the "principle of least surprise" I think that all
> playbacks whether of live TV, in progress recordings or pre-recorded
> material should behave the same.

What should it do at the end of a totally pre-recorded program, though?  I can 
make it stop fast-forwarding at the end, but then it's going to run out of 
video to play and quit anyway..

> I would like to see the channel up and down buttons act in user
> specifiable order like the option that has been added in the EPG for
> the order of displaying the channels.

Added this just a little bit ago.  You can now order by channum (as before), 
the chanid, the callsign, or any other relevant field in the channel table.

> One other thing, I think that addition of "record every time on this
> channel" in the EPG is great.  But the display in the EPG itself seems
> to still list the program on all channels, not just the selected one.
> This could be because I have "all channels" and "just this channel"
> selected for the same program.  Can anybody else confirm this?

Yup, that'd do it -- it'll see the anytime entry in the database before the 
channel-only entry, so it'll just use that.