[mythtv] Re: Next release?

Andrew M. Bishop mythtv-dev@snowman.net
06 Oct 2002 11:24:27 +0100

Isaac Richards writes:

> So, I was thinking.  Current CVS looks like it's working pretty well to me.  I 
> wanted to get per-recording encoding quality settings in for this release, 
> but the current multiple recordings/input sources support and other changes 
> seem to be a good enough stopping point for a release..

> My current TODO list before I'd be ready to make 0.6:
>   -  Fix fast-forwarding off the end of an in-progress recording.

Does this mean only the case where you are watching a program that is
also being recorded?  I certainly would like this one fixed, but I
would also like to see playback of a pre-recorded program stop at the
end.  Using the "principle of least surprise" I think that all
playbacks whether of live TV, in progress recordings or pre-recorded
material should behave the same.

>   -  Switch to the proper input of the tuner card on a scheduled recording.
>   -  Save/load the current playlist in mythmusic on exit/start.
> If anyone else knows of anything that needs fixing, please speak up.

I would like to see the channel up and down buttons act in user
specifiable order like the option that has been added in the EPG for
the order of displaying the channels.

One other thing, I think that addition of "record every time on this
channel" in the EPG is great.  But the display in the EPG itself seems
to still list the program on all channels, not just the selected one.
This could be because I have "all channels" and "just this channel"
selected for the same program.  Can anybody else confirm this?

Andrew M. Bishop                             amb@gedanken.demon.co.uk