[mythtv] Next release?

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 6 Oct 2002 23:26:50 -0400

On Saturday 05 October 2002 08:15 pm, chuck wrote:
> I think I can have mythgame ready to go by then.  I'm currently working
> on the screen shot based selection menu. It's almost complete.  I still
> need to do the system settings dialog but I don't expect that to take
> too long.  I ended up splitting the screen horizontally for the screen
> shot selection page with the top fourth occupied by the selection list
> and the rest used for the screen shots.  The # of screen shots to show
> per row is configurable and the images are scaled and positioned
> accordingly.  I'm going to have an option for choosing games by name or
> image in the settings menu, just in case people don't have the screens
> or just prefer the name list.

Sweet, sounds great.  I'm just throwing that date out there, it's not firm or 
anything, so, no worries, eh?  =)