[mythtv] Next release?

chuck mythtv-dev@snowman.net
05 Oct 2002 18:15:23 -0600

I think I can have mythgame ready to go by then.  I'm currently working
on the screen shot based selection menu. It's almost complete.  I still
need to do the system settings dialog but I don't expect that to take
too long.  I ended up splitting the screen horizontally for the screen
shot selection page with the top fourth occupied by the selection list
and the rest used for the screen shots.  The # of screen shots to show
per row is configurable and the images are scaled and positioned
accordingly.  I'm going to have an option for choosing games by name or
image in the settings menu, just in case people don't have the screens
or just prefer the name list.

On Sat, 2002-10-05 at 21:22, Isaac Richards wrote:
> So, I was thinking.  Current CVS looks like it's working pretty well to me.  I 
> wanted to get per-recording encoding quality settings in for this release, 
> but the current multiple recordings/input sources support and other changes 
> seem to be a good enough stopping point for a release..
> Thor, Chuck, what would be your thoughts be concerning mythweb and mythgame 
> for the release?  I'm thinking late next week, say the 10th -> 12th, as a 
> possible date for the release.  I would like both to be included, if you guys 
> think things are ready.
> My current TODO list before I'd be ready to make 0.6:
>   -  Fix fast-forwarding off the end of an in-progress recording.
>   -  Switch to the proper input of the tuner card on a scheduled recording.
>   -  Save/load the current playlist in mythmusic on exit/start.
> If anyone else knows of anything that needs fixing, please speak up.
> Isaac
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