[mythtv] Next release?

Stefan Görling mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 06 Oct 2002 08:27:33 +0200

I've don a few changes in mythfilldb in order to support xmltv without 
<channel> info, as the channes are redistributed at different 
frequenzies depending on you carrier (cable, terrestial etc.) I'll try 
to get it down to a proper patch, it's only 10 lines or so. I'll try to 
get it tested properly during tuesday.

Best Regards,

Stefan Görling

>So, I was thinking.  Current CVS looks like it's working pretty well to me.  I 
>wanted to get per-recording encoding quality settings in for this release, 
>but the current multiple recordings/input sources support and other changes 
>seem to be a good enough stopping point for a release..
>Thor, Chuck, what would be your thoughts be concerning mythweb and mythgame 
>for the release?  I'm thinking late next week, say the 10th -> 12th, as a 
>possible date for the release.  I would like both to be included, if you guys 
>think things are ready.
>My current TODO list before I'd be ready to make 0.6:
>  -  Fix fast-forwarding off the end of an in-progress recording.
>  -  Switch to the proper input of the tuner card on a scheduled recording.
>  -  Save/load the current playlist in mythmusic on exit/start.
>If anyone else knows of anything that needs fixing, please speak up.
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