mythmusic/mythtv audio problem (was: Re: [mythtv] mythgame...)

Matt Zimmerman
Mon, 25 Nov 2002 17:28:17 -0500

On Mon, Nov 25, 2002 at 10:28:28PM +0100, David Klotz wrote:

> i have a soundblaster live player 5.1 and some soundworks 5.1 speakers
> (with 3 normal audio plugs, connected to the front, rear and
> center/subwoofer out of the sb live 5.1). i have a channel in the mixer
> which is called ogain (or output gain), i don't know exactly what it's
> supposed to do, but it does change the volume of my _rear_ speakers.  when
> i start mythtv whith the ogain turned up, i get doubled audio playback
> (one time from mythtv, in sync and one out-of-sync, only from the rear
> speakers). when i mute the ogain, i have normal audio, but (of course) my
> rear speakers are totally muted.  which isn't nice, since i really want to
> have sound from my rear speakers (especially when listening to some
> (myth-)music).  maybe i could hack something together to mute the ogain
> while watching tv and unmute it when going into mythmusic or something
> like that, but that doesn't really fix the problem: when i unmute the
> ogain after having watched tv, there's still the tv-cards sound coming
> from the rear speakers, even when i'm in the mainmenu of mythfrontend or
> in mythmusic.

It sounds like you need to set up the mixer so that the rear channel audio
comes from the PCM channel only, rather than from the line input (or
wherever the out-of-sync audio is coming from).

 - mdz