mythmusic/mythtv audio problem (was: Re: [mythtv] mythgame...)

David Klotz
25 Nov 2002 22:28:28 +0100

On Son, 2002-11-24 at 23:37, Matt Zimmerman wrote:
> > I was thinking of using either find or locate on startup to see if the
> > number of records was different to the number of files and if it was re
> > populate the database
> mythmusic already does this for you internally.

hmm, but mythmusic still takes quite a while to scan the mp3 folder on
startup on my machine (with about 22 gig of music, mostly mp3s, some
oggs). not as long as the first time, but still...

> Update to the latest package in my archive (0.7-4) and let me know if
> it works for you.

like the comments above indicate, it now runs fine.

but i have another problem (which is more of a general mythtv problem):
mythtv doesn't seem to close the audio capture of the tv card when it
exits the tv playback mode. or something like that...
let me go into more detail:
i have a soundblaster live player 5.1 and some soundworks 5.1 speakers
(with 3 normal audio plugs, connected to the front, rear and
center/subwoofer out of the sb live 5.1). i have a channel in the mixer
which is called ogain (or output gain), i don't know exactly what it's
supposed to do, but it does change the volume of my _rear_ speakers.
when i start mythtv whith the ogain turned up, i get doubled audio
playback (one time from mythtv, in sync and one out-of-sync, only from
the rear speakers). when i mute the ogain, i have normal audio, but (of
course) my rear speakers are totally muted.
which isn't nice, since i really want to have sound from my rear
speakers (especially when listening to some (myth-)music).
maybe i could hack something together to mute the ogain while watching
tv and unmute it when going into mythmusic or something like that, but
that doesn't really fix the problem: when i unmute the ogain after
having watched tv, there's still the tv-cards sound coming from the rear
speakers, even when i'm in the mainmenu of mythfrontend or in mythmusic.

quite a lengthy (and a bit confused ;)) description, but i hope you'll
still understand my problems.