[mythtv] Couple Newbie Questions -- One Step Closer

Oatz mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:26:51 -0500

I'd suggest compiling your own kernel if you haven't already, it's much
easier IMHO to compile 90% of the vfl/tuner support into the kernel and only
worry about bttv and tv card modules.

Are you up to compiling a fresh kernel? Its not hard.

Important things for my ATI TV wonder...
 I2O device support  --->
 <*>   I2O PCI support

Video For Linux  --->
 [*]   V4L information in proc filesystem
<M>   BT848 Video For Linux

Character devices  --->
 I2C support  --->
 <*> I2C support
 <*> I2C bit-banging interfaces
 <*> I2C /proc interface (required for hardware sensors)      # not sure if
you need this

 Sound  --->
 <*> Sound card support
 <M>   TV card (bt848) mixer support

Your milage may vary.


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> OK, I'm actually getting closer to getting 'mythtv' up (I think).  MANY
> thanks to Ray and Allen for their kind help.  This morning I was actually
> able to get a green-screen (obviously the wrong input channel).  When I
> hit 'c' to try and change to Composite3, my machine locked up.
> Of course, this has spurred a few more questions for the experts (sorry
> for the newbie questions, I really am trying here!):
> 1.  Do I need oss support?  I tried to look thru the archives, but the
> lack of a search feature makes it a bit difficult.
> 2.  Under KDE, I went to the kernel modification section.  Do I need to
> COMPLETELY turn off sound support, or just everything minus the top-level
> sound support feature?
> 3.  Again in KDE under the control console kernel modifications section, I
> noticed that video4linux was NOT ENABLED, however, I have been able to run
> xawtv.  Do I need to enable it?  Seems like I do, but it wasn't enabled
> before.
> 4.  I've found conflicting info on this.  Under RH8, how do I find out
> what /dev my new alsa driver is using?  Is it /dev/snd/pcmC0D0c?
> 5.  What's the easiest way to test if ALSA is working correctly?  I DO
> know that the alsa mod is loading up properly, I just don't hear anything!
> Thanks in advance for not flamin' me :)
> Jeremy
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