[mythtv] Start using Mythtv/cvs

Isaac Richards mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 29 Dec 2002 17:00:26 -0500

On Sunday 29 December 2002 02:02 pm, Lego Andy wrote:
> I am so sorry for my statement, now that I read it again, it sounds
> insulting. I was not trying to imply that mythtv does not work. What I
> meant to say was that using CVS is a valid thing to do. Couple of
> e-mails back you said that I should use "stable" version. I was trying
> to say that CVS version should also "at least seem to work", so it is
> ok for somebody like me to use it. Sorry for misunderstanding.

CVS is for people actively working on the code or who have some capacity to 
debug problems, not for Joe Random user who can't be bothered to recompile 
for debugging if he finds a problem and is really only using CVS because it's 
newer than the last release.  That's doubly true when major things are 
changing in the CVS tree as they are currently.  That's how _I_ do 
development, and I really do not care how other projects use their CVS trees.