[mythtv] Which Distro?

Cedar McKay mythtv-dev@snowman.net
Sun, 22 Dec 2002 02:00:49 -0800

> I think you have to expect some issues with Mythtv as it is still in 
> heavy
> development mode.  0.7 is quite stable but still has a few quirks.  It 
> would
> be nice to see 0.8 out or maybe even a back port of some of the bug 
> fixes and
> make a 0.71.  To maintain the current 0.7 would require someone with 
> the
> necessary skill and interest to do it.  The current developers seem to 
> be
> pretty busy getting stuff done for the next release and it wouldn't be 
> fair
> to asked them to back port patchs.  I would help but I'm no c++ 
> programer.

Just a snapshot of the cvs the day before isaac checked in the 
frontend/backend stuff would be pretty good. Editing was working well, 
it was stable and great for me. Now with all the gui config stuff going 
on plus the frontend/backend stuff the current cvs seems to be for 
experts only. Which is fine with me. I can wait for .8 without too much 
impatience. However if someone posted a nice tarball from the the 
pre-gui frontend/backend days, I might just grab it.


p.s, as to which distro, it seems like isaac likes debian, but if you 
want one of the "easy" linux distros, mandrake and redhat have pretty 
detailed documentation on the myth site. And getting better every day.