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Hey Tony, 
    I'm very interested in any performance differences between a Gentoo 
compiled specifically for your machine vs. a stock RH8....
Tony Clark(tclark@telia.com)@2002.12.22 10:36:50 +0000:
> I normaly use Gentoo but for kicks I set up another box with RH8.  It worked 
> pretty well.  I've just converted the box over to Gentoo though, as I am 
> interested to see if the optimisation that you get with Gentoo gives any real 
> advantages.  It should and it maybe a good choice for those light on 
> processor grunt.
> I think you have to expect some issues with Mythtv as it is still in heavy 
> development mode.  0.7 is quite stable but still has a few quirks.  It would 
> be nice to see 0.8 out or maybe even a back port of some of the bug fixes and 
> make a 0.71.  To maintain the current 0.7 would require someone with the 
> necessary skill and interest to do it.  The current developers seem to be 
> pretty busy getting stuff done for the next release and it wouldn't be fair 
> to asked them to back port patchs.  I would help but I'm no c++ programer.
> tony
> On Sunday 22 December 2002 09.45, Mike Payson wrote:
> > Which distribution is recommended for use with MythTV? I've been using
> > Gentoo, but I've run into some (probably minor) issues that are making me
> > think that it might be easier to just start over with a different
> > distribution. FreeplayTV recommends Slackware, but gives no
> > rationalizations for that decision. What's going to be the easiest to get
> > up & running with?
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Mike
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